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Get Me There: The smarter way to get around

I’m a concessionary pass holder

If you have a concessionary pass* issued by Transport for Greater Manchester, then you'll already be travelling smart.

*An ENCTS, Disabled or Disabled Plus pass issued by TfGM.

On buses that are smart equipped, you should already be using your concessionary pass to touch in when you travel using your free entitlement in Greater Manchester.

You can also buy selected get me there travelcards to load onto your concessionary pass if you want to travel on any Greater Manchester bus* before 9.30am Monday to Friday.

Currently travelcards entitle you to travel at all times of day, therefore they may not offer you better value unless you travel frequently before 9.30am

*See the full list of bus companies that will accept get me there

You should be using your concessionary pass to touch in and touch out at the start of every journey you make when you're travelling for free on Metrolink.

Hold your pass to the touch plate just below the screen on one of the yellow smart readers which are situated on every Metrolink platform. The lights on the smart reader will go from orange to green, and you'll get a green tick on the screen to confirm that your pass has been recognised and accepted.

If you pay to travel on Metrolink before 9.30am Monday to Friday, you will either need to buy a printed ticket to travel at this time, or you may want to download the get me there app to buy a range of Metrolink tickets and travelcards. If you are paying to travel you don't need to touch in and out as well.

You can create an online account to register your concessionary pass with get me there. Once you've done so, you'll be able to view your Metrolink travel history and we'll be able to notify you when future stages of get me there are introduced.

Register your concessionary pass now

If you have already registered you can login to your get me there account.

If you have any problems accessing your get me there account please get in touch.